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¼ inch chip system with a Polyurea base and top coat is our most popular product.
Most of our jobs are in the southern half of Minnesota, although we have traveled as north as Perham.
Typically, we will use a powerful concrete grinder along with a steel shot blaster. This lowers any high spots, and removes any old paint, glue or thin set. This will also open the pores to allow the coating to soak into the concrete. After using the grinder on your floor, we will fix any cracks and divots.
Yes, we are fully insured.
We do like it when the homeowner is home; however, it isn't necessary.
The Polyurea we will use on your floor coating is 100% UV stable. The colors wouldn’t fade or turn yellow.
A typical two stall garage without too many cracks or divots can be often completed in one to two days. Larger commercial floors typically take 3-5 days.
We use a high powered dustless vacuum system that virtually eliminates dust with the floor grinding equipment.
Polyurea can be applied from 0 to 140 degrees. With that in mind, we usually don’t send our installation teams out into subzero weather.
While acid etching can rough up the surface, it will not adequately open the pores of the concrete or take down the high spots. Instead, we use a floor grinder. Floor grinding removes the high spots and opens the pores enabling the polyurea to soak into the surface. This process eliminates the need for using hazardous acid etch on your floor.
Polyurea contains low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and produces no toxic fumes or odor during the application process.
Maintaining your new floor is simple. It’s so easy to keep clean. The floors can be cleaned with just a little soap in warm water, a stiff broom, and a squeegee. In the winter after a new snow. Just through a shovel or two of snow on it and simply push it around with a broom then out the door. This will leave your floor sprinkling clean.
Most chemicals and oils will not cause harm and can easily and quickly be cleaned.
Your new floor coating soaks into concrete becoming part of the floor, sealing off moisture from below. Cove molding can be installed along all interior walls. We then apply the same coating to the molding. This makes for a seamless, waterproof surface protecting even the bottom of your walls. The best part of all is it keep’s the road salt from soaking into your cement.
Yes, we can fix most damaged areas.
Flooring without slip resistance can prove to be very unsafe and can result in serious injuries. To eliminate this risk, we offer safe and affordable solutions. We have many optional systems that increase the coefficient of friction (COF), therefore making it much less slippery. Our Non-Slip aggregates are available from 240 grit to 40 grit. These options conform to all OHSA slip requirements.
Concrete restoration is a very important part of the services offered by Minnesota Concrete Floor Coatings. Many floors have some degree of damage. Whether you have a few small cracks or large holes, we can repair and resurface many concrete floors. Our polyurea repair product and application system has saved many floors from costly replacements.
No, hot tires from your car will not damage the new coating. However, spinning your tires or turning a skid loader is beyond any coating limits.
Yes, your garage floor comes with a full 20 Year Warranty against peeling or delamination.
We will bring a 20K generator to power our equipment.

That’s like comparing taking your spouse out for a romantic supper. A 99-cent hamburger from Mc Donald’s isn’t the same as T-bone steak from the Outback Steak House. Both will put food in your belly, but there is no comparison in quality.

I’ll try to be brief.
To fully cure the finish floor ours takes 1-2 days verses 7-10 days.
Fully covered floor with the chips not just partial coverage. We use 15 times more chips per square foot then what’s supplied in the kits.
20-year warrantee verses none, about half of our jobs are removing inexpensive floor coatings that started to peel up in as little as 3 to 4 years.
Ours seals the floor against road salt. We all know salt the hardest thing on our cement.
Shot-blasting and/or grinding the floor in preparation verses washing the floor with acid.
Easer to keep clean surface.

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